• Exterior, table and seating with a kids' playground area
  • Interior, seating area with a few guests
  • Interior, bar area

Gather Brewing Company

About us

Gather Brewing is a family-owned brewpub with a little something for everyone! Our indoor taproom is a haven for craft beer enthusiasts and the outdoor patio is the perfect place for the kids to play and view the train that comes by, while the adults play corn hole or hang out at a table with friends and good beer!


We fell in love with craft beer when the Coast Guard moved us to Jersey City in 2014. During this time Mike worked on the ship as a culinary specialist and we lived across the street from the state’s largest Biergarten. With over 100 imports and craft beers on tap, this is where our eyes were opened to the incredible world of craft style.
Through a mutual friend, we were introduced to an avid home brewer who got Mike excited about the thought of brewing his own beer one day. Later that year, Mike was gifted a home-brew kit and the dream of opening our own brewery was born.


Fast-forward to 2018, we made the decision to leave the Coast Guard, move back home to San Antonio, and pursue our dream of opening a brewery.
As a military family, we knew how hard it was to find "our people" and build deep, authentic friendships in the short span of time that we lived in each location. We realized that our closest friendships, the ones that lasted, were the ones that were formed while sitting at a table for hours, enjoying great conversation, beer, food, and games.
It’s our goal for Gather Brewing Co. to be a place where you can comfortably gather with your family, your friends, and those you hope to call a friend. We believe authentic connections with others is the source of happiness and fulfillment and that’s why we Gather.